Terms of Use - Zak Host

Websites are prone to various attacks like Data Theft, Viruses, Corrupt Files, Malicious Codes, Hacks, Identity Theft etc. Such scenarios hurt business reputation and ruin customer confidence. Security and stability are two of the most important things to keep on priority when it comes to hosting.

We ensure that:

  • Networking equipment is protected from malicious attacks and is subjected to active monitoring and logging by ZakHost for security breaches.
  • The user’s identity is legit by eliminating chances of impersonation. Data is protected and resistive from being harmed or destroyed. We have formal and immediate incident management processes for both identifying and responding to incidents.
  • Regular patching of the OS and services, Regular Security Testing and patching of any Content Management System (CMS) in a timely manner.
  • Ensure DDOS are in place. Datacenters are equipped with surveillance cameras, biometric locks, authorization-based access policies, security personnel and standard security equipment, processes and operations.

ZakHost strives to provide a dedicated hosting environment with hosting machinery being solely run by us with no interference of any third party. However, websites are still vulnerable to attacks and website owners must take precautionary measures to ensure their website’s safety.

ZakHost relies on and strongly recommends use of Backup and Recovery tools like CodeGuard and SiteLock. Using such tools, your website and data can be restored in a matter of a click from one of the restoration point.

  • The ZakHost account holders are solely responsible for maintaining regular backups of their data.
  • Take proper measures to prevent any loss or damage to their website.
  • To secure the website and keep the data or content stored or transmitted through our server, confidential and ensuring overall integrity of the website.
  • If needed, although highly recommended, customers are advised to opt for CodeGuard for backup and recovery of data. The plans for the same start as low as $1.49.
  • Upon expiration or termination of the services, users must relinquish the use of services. If the user does not abide, the subscriber’s account will be terminated prior to any notice.
  • Customers would be informed and reminded 30 days prior to their renewal. The services should be renewed in time to ensure uninterrupted services.
  • ZakHost isn’t responsible for any data loss caused due to account termination for non- payment or failure to renew the services in due time.
  • A 7 day grace period will be offered post service expiration for Web Hosting and 15 days for Domains to renew. The service will then be moved to redemption and redemptions charges will be leveraged on renewal.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the services without prior notice in case of delayed payments.

The sole purpose and aim of this Privacy Policy is to safeguard your personal information and ensure that it isn’t shared with any third parties. ZakHost takes user privacy as a serious concern and respects every aspect of it. The information (Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email Address) is collected for the following reasons:

  • To improve the services we offer.
  • To provide services unique to individual users.
  • To fulfill the purpose of interaction with us.

Strict security measures are taken to protect against the loss, alteration, and misuse of the information given to us by the customers. Information that is received through our website is stored with our customer service department. If the customer contacts us for query or support, we keep an internal record of the former.

Sensitive information (credit card number) is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL).

When you provide ZakHost with personal information it will only use this information for the specific reason for which it is shared. There is certain information that we gather automatically which may include IP addresses, Browser, Internet Service Provider, Operating System, Date and Time and the same is stored in logs.

ZakHost may share user’s information with the third party to provide services on their behalf. Third parties will require user’s permission before accessing personal information. Information that is necessary for the third party to provide the requested service is given and prohibited to retain or share user’s personally identifiable information.

We use ‘Google Analytics’ to collect information visitor details. The information from Google Analytics is used only to improve services on this website.

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time and post these changes to this policy. Such changes or modifications will be notified to the user through email.

Upon reading this agreement, you fully understand and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions mentioned in order to use ZakHost’s services. If the user doesn’t agree to be bound by Terms and Conditions must discontinue the use of services.

All efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the content and should not be used further for any purpose.

ZakHost is not responsible for the contents or reliability of websites and does not necessarily endorse the view expressed within them.

ZakHost in sole discretion may change or modify policies in the agreement which shall be effective immediately upon their posting on the website. The changes or modifications will be notified to the users by email and ZakHost will not be liable for subscriber’s failure to receive an email notification. The users are to abide by the modifications, failure to do so would will result in termination of services.

Any dispute arising under these terms and conditions shall be settled in Chandigarh jurisdiction.